Friday, 18 November 2016

World's Quirkiest Table manners - a sample!

It is said, travel and food often complement each other. No visit to a new country is complete till you have sampled the local cuisine and that too as the locals do!

So, what better than picking up some of the lesser known but peculiarly humorous Table Manners from around the world!

Here’s presenting a compilation of select ten of the world’s quirkiest Table Manners …

1. When stirring tea in England, make sure the spoon does not touch the sides of the cup!

2. Slurping noodles in Japan or making such loud noises show that you are enjoying your meal!

3. While eating pasta in Italy – and this extends only to pasta – you need not wait for the others to be served. You can dig in right away!

4. Known for their Port wine, the Portuguese consider bringing a bottle of wine for the hostess of a dinner party, an insult!

5. When you finish a meal at a restaurant in China, make sure you leave some food on your plate. This tells the host that he has given you enough to eat. Also, burping is considered a sign of appreciation of the food!

6. In the United States of America, do not rest your elbows on the table while eating – either keep them airborne or tucked into your sides!

7. The French consider it a sign of disrespect if your phone rings while you are having your meal. Keep your phone on silent while dining with them!

8. Salting your food is considered an insult in Egypt. It is thought that the cook intended for the food to taste that way!

9. In Korea, it is polite to pour drinks out for others!

10. In Germany, slicing potatoes with a knife is rude. Smash them with a fork instead!

So next time you find yourself dining around the world be sure to check your Table manners! May be pick up a few more quirky ones to add to your list…and do let me know!

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